Information for all age groups

This is a transitional year for uniforms as we phase in our new logo. We are starting with older kids and the new logo/new jerseys. We still have quite a few younger jerseys with the classic logo, so we are being green and want to use these first before printing more. We are excited to usher in a new era with our modern, euro-style logo but want to do it responsibly.


Where to get a uniform:

The preferred Uniform Supplier for DYSA League is
All Season Soccer @ 2 locations in Novato and San Rafael.
Website with map here: All Season Soccer

The employees at All Seasons Soccer are extremely helpful.  If you are new, do not hesitate to ask them for help.


Uniform Dos and Don'ts!

  • No Casts. Casts are too cumbersome in a soccer environment.

  • No knee braces with metal, unless fully covered by wrap.

  • No Jewelry of any kind! Puncture and/or gouging injury risks are too high.

  • No hats or bandanas.

  • No arm or wrist bands

  • If glasses are truly required, then please use recommended protective gear such as those sold by All Season Soccer.

PreK/K to Grade3/4

For all returning players in this age group there has been no change in uniforms and we will continue to wear the reversible Blue and Gold jerseys, with Royal shorts and Royal socks.

Socks are solid Royal Blue - no gold stripe.

There is no requirement for a number on jerseys at these age groups.
We do not encourage names on the back of player's jerseys.


Grade 5/6 to Grade 11/12

This year we will continue to differentiate the older vs. younger age groups. It is mandatory starting Fall 2019 to wear this uniform at all games.

Players in these age groups can purchase the following:
Two Jerseys, one in Blue and one in Yellow
One (at least) pair of Blue Shorts
One (at least) pair of Royal solid socks