Coaching TK/Kindergarten

Instructions for set-up and take down of the field

  • A volunteer from each team will need to be present for set-up and breakdown of the fields each week
    • Set up Volunteers will arrive by 8:10
    • Breakdown volunteers will help for 10-15 minutes after the game
  • All equipment (ball bags, goals, cones) will be distributed from the locker each week
    • A numbered cone and pole will help people find the right field number
    • Based on your team’s field assignment you will carry out goals/ cones to the field spot
    • Each field should have:
      • 2 goals
      • 4 Blue Cones
      • 14 saucer cones
      • 1 ball bag each (8 balls)
  • Set up the goals on the line and put cones down the side for boundaries. 
  • Breakdown is simply picking up cones/ goals and putting them back into the locker (in an organized fashion)
  • No trash left behind – Designate a parent to bring a trash bag to the field each week. Even if it’s not your trash, please stop and pick it up. Vallecito does not have trash cans out by the field. You will have to take all garbage with you.

TK/Kindergarten Coaching Document covering these topics for new coaches:

  • Expectations
  • League Format
  • Coaching approach
  • Managing the team
  • Running Practice
  • Managing the game
  • Post game
  • Managing parents
  • Team support
  • Coaching your own child