DYSA Team Formation Process

DYSA is focused on creating a fair, balanced, and enjoyable soccer experience for all players and families. Our goal is to create equally competitive teams with varying levels of player skill.

Each year DYSA strives to create fair and equitable teams while ensuring a good rotation of players among coaches and prior year teams.  Our volunteer Grade Level Managers form teams based on a blind draft using three criteria: Player ranking (if applicable)/skill, age, and school of attendance. 

Team assignments, while taking into account school of attendance, does not guarantee that kids attending the same school will automatically be placed on the same team. 

In years past, DYSA has allowed special requests for team placement which created an enormously complicated registration process, as well as unbalanced teams. Starting with the 2017 season, there will be no special requests honored during the registration process.

In the event of extenuating circumstances (i.e. medical necessities), a request may be made by attending an in person registration session and submitting a written request for review on a case by case basis by the DYSA President or Vice President.