Fall 2017 registration is now closed as of August 29. If you would like to be considered for a waitlist, you may reach out to the registrar directly for the registration link.
Alan will be able to give you the latest status of team openings depending on your grade level.
If you would like to be alerted to next year’s sign-ups early in the season, please submit your email address to our mailing list signup (found on the homepage).

Thank you for your interest in Dixie Youth Soccer Association.




Grade Group // Fee

PreK + K // $75

Grade 1 – Grade 11/12* // $185

Volunteer Exemption Fee** // $40

Late Fee // $50


*  There is a $25 sibling discount for Grade 1 - Grade 11/12

**  DYSA encourages and requires families to volunteer.  If you choose not to volunteer, you are expected to pay the volunteer exemption fee

More details of the registration process for the 2017 season:

  • DYSA will accept late registration space permitting and with a late fee until June 1st. After that, late registration will either be wait listed or turned away.
  • There will be no special requests noted this year during the registration process. DYSA works very hard to make sure that teams are balanced and that there is good rotation of players between teams each year. Any special requests for medical or other issues should be raised directly to the board for consideration.
  • Players will be placed in the appropriate age group based on date of birth and year in school. With some exceptions players can play up a level but you can never play down.