Dixie Youth Soccer Association By-Laws



The specific and primary purpose for which this corporation is formed is set forth in Article 2 of the Articles of Incorporation of Dixie Youth Soccer Association (DYSA), INC., filed in the Office of the Secretary of State for the State of California. In addition, this corporation is formed for the purpose of performing all things incidental or appropriate to the achievement of the foregoing specific and primary purpose and shall have other exclusively charitable purposes as the Board of Directors may authorize or approve from time to time, whether related or unrelated to the foregoing specific and primary purpose. This corporation shall hold and may exercise all such powers as may be conferred upon a nonprofit corporation by the laws of the State of California and as may be necessary or expedient for the administration of the affairs and attainment of the purpose of this corporation, however, in no event shall this corporation engage in activities which are not charitable in nature.



It is the intent of the DYSA Board of Directors to make all decisions of policy that are in the best interest of the players of DYSA. The purpose of DYSA is to provide for the best possible environment for the game of soccer for the youth of this community and to allow all youth of the ages of four (4) through eighteen (18) the opportunity to play in a recreational atmosphere.



DYSA, Inc., as a club member of US Club Soccer, which is a national affiliate member of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).



Section 1.0 Authority
DYSA, Inc. shall be governed by its corporate by-laws, rules and regulations except when superseded by US Club Soccer, and/or USSF by-laws or rules. The governing authority of DYSA, whose powers shall be designated in the by-laws, shall be vested with the DYSA Board of Directors.

The rules of the game of soccer will be governed by the FIFA Laws of the Game as modified by US Club Soccer and DYSA for youth soccer.

Section 2.0 Corporate Officers
The corporate officers shall consist of the President/Chairman of the Board, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 3.0 Executive Committee
The Board of Directors Executive Committee, herein referred to as the EXCOM, will consist of the corporate officers, Director of Fields, Director of Equipment, Director of Referees, Director of Coaching, Director of Volunteers, Director of Events and the Member-at-Large who will represent the younger age groups (under 10 and below). Members of the EXCOM shall be elected by a majority of the full Board of Directors once a year at the December board meeting. The term for elected members shall be the following calendar year. Members may hold board positions more than one year if re-elected.

Section 4.0 Board of Directors Membership
The Board of Directors shall consist of its Executive Committee, age group coordinators and the referee coordinator(s). The EXCOM shall appoint the age group coordinators and the referee coordinator(s) at the February Board meeting.

Section 5.0 Removal
Any member of the Board who is absent without cause from three consecutive Board meetings, willfully neglects his or her duties as a member of the Board, or engages in conduct that reflects discredit upon DYSA, may be removed from the Board at a meeting by a two-thirds vote of the members present. The Board may elect a replacement to serve the remainder of the term of a member who resigns or is removed.

Section 6.0 Board of Directors Responsibilities

6.1 The President shall be responsible for the overall soccer program, long range planning and development, and financial stability of DYSA.

6.2 The Vice President shall be responsible for the functioning of the House Division program and shall oversee the age group coordinators. The Vice President will have the authority of the President in his/her absence.

6.3 The Secretary shall be responsible for DYSA correspondence, board meeting minutes, and miscellaneous administrative support. 

6.4 The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining DYSA’s financial records, paying bills, recording deposits, filing appropriate tax returns, and providing timely financial reports to the Board.

6.5 The Director of Fields shall be responsible for filing field permit requests with the appropriate authorities, field scheduling for games and practices, field markings and serving as a liaison with authorities in charge of field maintenance. 

6.6 The Director of Equipment shall be responsible for the acquisition, allocation, maintenance and storage of equipment and goal posts.

6.7 The Director of Referees shall be responsible for the appointment, training and assignment of referees. He/she may appoint separate coordinators for each of these functions. 

6.8 The Director of Coaching shall be responsible for the appointment, training, and assignment of coaches and is responsible for estabishing coaching development programs. He/she may appoint separate coordinators for each of these functions. 

6.9 The Director of Volunteers shall be responsible for working with the board to identify and secure volunteers from within DYSA soccer families, pursuing financial and other recognition to encourage volunteerism and to develop and maintain a volunteer database of volunteers and relevant positions.

6.10 The Director of Events shall be responsible for identifying, recommending and implementing event opportunities that will promote DYSA soccer participation.

6.11 The Age Group Coordinators shall be responsible for nomination of coaches to the Director of Coaching, dispute resolution, game scheduling, tournament organization and chair a team formation committee for each of their respective age groups. It is understood that each age group has 2 divisions, a boys division and a girls division. Age group coordinators shall not be (i) a coach in their child’s age group division, (ii) a spouse of a coach in their child’s gender’s age group division, or (iii) a parent of a child in their child’s gender’s age group division. The only exception being the U6 boys and girls wherein this restriction does not apply. 

6.12 The Member-at-Large shall be responsible for representing the Under 10 and younger age groups and shall act as a spokesperson for these players along with the respective age group coordinators. 

6.13 Subject to the approval of the Board, any Director may appoint volunteers to assist them in carrying out their responsibilities. 

Section 7.0 Board of Directors Authority
The Board of Directors shall be responsible for and have the sole authority for the following:

7.1 Being familiar with, interpreting and enforcing the DYSA by-laws, rules and regulations and all applicable rules and regulations of associations with which DYSA is affiliated.

7.2 Approving procedures for the formation of registered teams.

7.3 Ensuring proper registration of all players, coaches and teams.

7.4 Ensuring proper accounting of fiscal transactions and bookkeeping and accurate reporting as required.

7.5 Sanctioning the travel of teams for any competition played out of DYSA boundaries.

7.6 Establishing a common set of administrative rules for all teams registered inDYSA.

7.7 Establishing a common set of playing rules for DYSA play.

7.8 Providing levels of competition within DYSA for all players within the boundaries of DYSA.

7.9 Providing opportunities for play for all youth within DYSA boundaries.

Section 8.0 Disciplinary Procedures

8.1 The appropriate age group coordinator and the President each has the right to immediately suspend any coach, assistant coach, team official, or player, or may bar any parent, who has violated any US Club Soccer and/or DYSA rule or code of conduct, pending a review by the appropriate authority.

8.2 Any suspected violation of a DYSA or US Club Soccer rule or code of conduct shall be reported to the appropriate age group coordinator verbally within 24 hours. When an age group coordinator becomes aware of such a violation, he/she shall immediately notify the President. The coordinator shall then submit a written report on the matter, along with any recommendations, to the President within 3 days or as soon as possible. The President shall refer the matter to the Protest, Appeals and Disciplinary Committee (PAD Committee) for action. The PAD Committee shall meet to consider the matter and shall submit its recommendation to President within five days after receiving the report of the violation. The President shall then forward the PAD Committee's decision to the person named in the report. (This section does not apply to incidents that occur during interleague or tournament competition that are referred directly to the District V PAD Committee.)

8.3 Any disciplinary action imposed by the DYSA PAD Committee may be appealed to the Executive Committee, and subsequently to the full Board, only by the person who is the subject of the disciplinary action. In addition, if the President disagrees with the recommendation of the PAD Committee, the President may refer the matter to the Executive Committee for final disposition.

8.4 The Board of Directors shall have the right and authority to suspend, expel, or otherwise discipline any team, player, coach, assistant coach, manager, team official, DYSA official, parent or any other person associated with the operation of DYSA.

Section 9.0 Meetings

The full Board of Directors shall meet no less than twice a year. Additional meetings may be held as deemed necessary by the EXCOM or President. Other members of the Board may call a meeting if they submit a written request to the President with at least enough signatures to constitute a quorum of the Board, in which case the meeting must be held within 10 days of receipt of such letter. Meetings shall use the following agenda outline: Call to Order, Roll Call, Introduction of Guests, Approval of Last Minutes, Board Member Reports, Unfinished Business, New Business, Good of the Game, Adjournment. Robert Rules of Order shall be deemed as adopted at all DYSA Board meetings. When necessary, the President may poll the members of the Board via telephone or e-mail for a vote on urgent matters.

In addition to Board meetings, the EXCOM shall meet as frequently as necessary to carry on DYSA business between Board meetings. Actions taken by EXCOM require a majority vote of the quorum present. All actions taken by the EXCOM shall be reported to the full Board at its next scheduled meeting and ratified by the full Board. This will be done by a majority vote of the quorum present. The full Board has the right and authority to overrule any EXCOM decision by a majority vote of the quorum present and may recall an EXCOM member by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the full Board membership.

Section 10.0 Quorum and Voting Rights

All members of the Board of Directors are entitled to one vote. A quorum for any full Board meeting shall be one third (1/3) of the entire Board membership rounded up to the next full person. A quorum of the EXCOM shall consist of two-thirds (2/3) of committee membership.



The Board of Directors shall have the authority to hire one paid employee who will be known as the DYSA Registrar. The position will be paid at a rate to be set annually by the EXCOM and will carry out those functions deemed necessary by the Board and its EXCOM for the proper functioning of DYSA. The DYSA Registrar will attend all Board and EXCOM meetings but will not have a vote. The position will be responsible to the President and/or the Vice President.



The following standing committees and others as needed will be appointed by the President and approved by the Board annually:

Rules and Revisions Committee: any three board members
Protest, Appeals and Discipline (PAD) Committee: Vice President, Director of Referees and the Director of Coaching



All proposed amendments to the By-Laws and rules and regulations of DYSA are to be submitted in writing to the Rules and Revisions Committee for consideration. All changes approved by this committee shall be submitted to the Board of Directors for ratification requiring a 2/3 affirmation of a voting quorum. All proposed amendments to be voted on at a given Board meeting must be presented to the Board members 10 days in advance of the meeting.

If the need to expedite a change exists, the EXCOM will be allowed to institute such a change between Board meetings. Ratification by the Board, however, is still required or the change will become null and void following the next scheduled Board meeting.



Section 1.0 Scope
Only protests or appeals alleging misapplications of the DYSA By-Laws, DYSA Playing Rules, or FIFA Laws of the Game as modified by US Club Soccer and DYSA shall be considered for action. All channels of appeal as specified in US Club Soccer rules will be available to the members of DYSA. No protests or appeals of the personal judgment of a referee will be considered.

Section 2.0 Submission Requirements
All protests or appeals are to be submitted in writing to the PAD Committee within five (5) calendar days of the action being protested or appealed and accompanied by a fee of $25. The fee will be returned if the protest or appeal is upheld. Only protests or appeals submitted by members of DYSA and conforming to Section 1.0 will be considered.

Section 3.0 Review Process
The PAD Committee will review the protest or appeal and forward its decision to the protester/appealer and the President within five (5) calendar days. Any decision made by the Committee may be appealed to the EXCOM and subsequently to the full Board as well as through the proscribed appeal channels of US Club Soccer.

No person shall invoke the aid of the courts of any state or the United States without first exhausting all available remedies within the appropriate soccer organization, including final appeal to the annual meeting of the USYSA.



Section 1.0 Annual Budget
The Treasurer shall present an annual operating budget to the Board for approval at the April meeting or at the first meeting following House Division registration. 

Section 2.0 Cash Disbursement Authorization
2.1 Any single expenditure under $1,000 may be authorized and a check issued by the DYSA Treasurer without any additional authorizations provided the items falls within the approved budget.

2.2 Any single disbursement of $1,000 or more, or any series of disbursements for a single project expense/billing of $1,000 or more, or any disbursement for an expense that doesn’t fall within the approved budget must be authorized by the Director of responsibility and the President

The Director of responsibility is the EXCOM director responsible for the area incurring the expense.

2.3 Authorization must be in the form of initials or signature on the subject invoice, receipt or proposal/quote. For ease and speed of doing business, verbal authorization may be given to the Treasurer allowing a disbursement, but must be followed up by documented authorization.



Section 1.0 Territorial Boundaries
The DYSA will have the responsibility for running a youth soccer program within the geographical boundaries as determined by US Club Soccer, primarily within the postal zip code of 94903.

Section 2.0 Membership
Membership in DYSA shall consist of properly registered players and coaches in accordance with the registration rules of US Club Soccer. All teams, players, coaches, and referees shall abide by the By-Laws, rules and regulations, and code of conduct of DYSA as set forth by the Board of Directors of DYSA and all applicable rules and regulations of associations with whom DYSA is affiliated.



The following list of abbreviations will have the indicated definitions when used within the Articles of Incorporation and these By-Laws:

Board: DYSA Board of Directors

Corporation: Dixie Youth Soccer Association, Inc.

CMYSL: Central Marin Youth Soccer League

CYSA: California Youth Soccer Association

District V: Northern counties district of CYSA

DYSA: Dixie Youth Soccer Association

EXCOM: DYSA, Inc. Board of Directors Executive Committee

FIFA: Federation International De Football Association

House Division: DYSA’s recreational soccer program

USSF: United States Soccer Federation

USYSA: United States Youth Soccer Association