DYSA Mission Statement

Dixie Youth Soccer Association (DYSA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the positive development of our community's youth through their participation in a safe and healthy soccer program that is fun and rewarding for all.

DYSA will strive to:

  • Teach players sound soccer skills, tactics and the rules of the game;
  • Promote respect for teammates, opponents, coaches and referees;
  • Provide players with a level of play that offers them a challenge commensurate with their abilities;
  • Help players achieve thier personal goals and reach their full potential; and
  • Promote a lifelong love for soccer and a healthy lifestyle.

To achieve its goals, DYSA will endeavor to select dedicated leaders and qualified coaches who share these ideals and recognize that each child is valuable and that the game is for the kids.

North Marin United Competitive Club Soccer

North Marin United is a soccer club based in Northern Marin County, currently serving the Dixie Youth Soccer Association and Novato Youth Soccer Association, youth competitive soccer players. 

Competitive club soccer allows kids to play year round in a more structured and formal environment than they get playing in their house leagues such as DYSA. There are several teams per age group which enter tournaments around the state and even beyond. They are exposed to higher level coaching and competition. They learn what it takes to be both a key player as well as to be a supporting player on a competitive team. 

North Marin United is a club based in your community and built on the heritage of our our parent clubs DYSA and NYSA. The program overseen by the dedicated officials from both leagues in service to the competitive players from Novato, Lucas Valley, Terra Linda, and areas far and wide.

Visit the North Marin United website for more information!

Board of Directors
Grade Level Managers

Executive Board Members

President: Glenn Cooper  email

Vice President: David Neal  email

Secretary: Cassandra Bettis-Reno  email

Treasurer: Chris Mathewson  email

Registrar: Alan Wnuk  email

Director of Coaching: Brad Praun  email

Director of Referees: Paul Perlite  email

Director of Fields: Stefan Steinbach  email

Director of Equipment: Sean Zarehparvar  email

Director of Volunteers: Monica Jones  email

Director of Marketing: Christian Dowd  email

Director of Social Media: Marie Barnes  email

Scheduling: Lisa Culbertson Simmons  email

Event Coordinator: Mark Brewster  email

Webmaster: Aaron Schneider  email

2017 Grade level managers

Kindergarten, Girls & Boys: Gavin Blair  email

1st Grade, Girls & Boys: Betsy Braghetta Rigney  email

2nd Grade, Girls & Boys: Anjuli Basu  email

3rd + 4th Grade, Girls & Boys: Betsy Braghetta Rigney  email

5th + 6th Grade, Girls & Boys: Alissa Chacko  email

7th + 8th Grade, Girls & Boys: Alissa Chacko  email

9th + 10th Grade, Girls & Boys: Alissa Chacko  email

11th + 12th Grade, Girls & Boys: Alissa Chacko  email